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Let's Sing 2021 - Review

Vocals Ready? Let's Sing

By: James Mitchell, on 13/11/2020.

As 2020 comes to a close (thank goodness) it’s time for us to wave goodbye to the worst year in the 21st Century and gear up for 2021, which lets be honest is looking like it is going to be much the same. But that does not mean that we cannot look forward and be hopeful and enjoy every new game that is on its way. And on that note, Let’s Sing.

Voxler and Kosh Media have given us the 2021 instalment of their Karaoke franchise that takes your vocal chords on a journey as you belt out some of the 30 international hits accompanied by original music videos.

Though not much has changed since its 2020 predecessor, there are some pivotal additions that will make this title more rewarding and challenging. Singing Analysis is one of the big additions to the game and what will give you a sense of reward, not only will you get medals but also feedback for your efforts. But the absolute biggest and most important feature is the Legend Mode.

Let us talk about this new mode, an absolute game changer for the series. First, you will choose your character and then you will begin your journey to become a Legend. You will face four groups of four antagonists, each with their own challenges, it’s your goal to hit as many notes as possible in order to get the 3 stars which you will have to accumulate 196 in total to reach the final stage

One of my major issues with this title and what really lets this down is its lack of variation regarding the playlist. If you love pop music then great, you will have no qualms but if you’re more into music of the rock variety then all you have is one measly song, which in all fairness could be passed off as pop rock. It caters perfectly to its target market but does not do enough to extend its boundaries and that is a massive failing. If Voxler isn’t prepared to add more variety in genres then they really need to release a standalone game, for example Let’s Sing Metal.

There are DLC’s that will add five additional songs to your list of songs but still only cater for those who’s tastes in music are pop.

Let’s Sing 2021 has done what needed to be done for it to progress and that was adding in the legendary mode. For the first time, you will have a reason to pop this on during your own time and not just at parties or gatherings.

If this were a talent show, it would get a big X from me.

Much the same. It seriously lacks in variety. Has redeemed itself with the addition of Legend Mode giving a somewhat lease of life.